A Bed and Breakfast in a house full of Art!

Welcome to B&B Maison d'Art – the ultimate bed and breakfast experience for artists, writers composers, and all the people who loves Art. Our beautiful location 5 minutes walk from the coastline, provides the perfect backdrop for inspiring creativity and refill your source of inspiration.

Whether you're looking for a peaceful retreat to focus on your craft, or you simply want a relaxing getaway where you can indulge your artistic side, B&B Maison d'Art is the perfect choice. Book your stay today and experience the ultimate bad and breakfast for artists and Artlovers.

At B&B Maisond'Art, we believe that the creative process can be enhanced by the right environment. That's why we offer a unique blend of luxe accommodations and artist-dependence to help our guests create their best work.

Enjoy Breakfast in the Art Gallery and you may speak to the same minded People, whether you're a painter, a writer, a musician or any other type of artist, you'll find the inspiration you need to take your craft to the next level.

There is a second Gallery just near the Gallery of Caroline for Artist Sculptors, Art Painter's and all kind of Artist with different disciplines, also their you can find possibility's of exposition ad working together. So you will find a warm house with creative minded Artist's and Art minded people!

And two warm Art lovers will give you a welcome and wish you a great stay in the most creative area, but also the nicest nature and coast lines of Brittany France,  where you will found the inspiration and light to get the most out of your creating mind's.

Enjoy your stay, we are here!

Your Hostess and Host: Caroline and Olivier

P.s we do speak France, Dutch, English and German even if Art is speaking every language!

In the fall we have room for small groups.
So we offer nice prices, to rent when companies want to coach staff for a weekend or midweek and there are also companies that use the Gallery to hold a training session.
Yoga schools have retreats at the Gallery and cycling clubs also find their way to this beautiful place.
Do you have a small group and need this space? Report it to us and together we will look at the possibilities to accommodate you and your business well!

Are you interested? Write an e-mail to: contact@bnbmaisondart.fr